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Case Study: Education

Bluecoat School (DfE School)

Location: Nottingham City

Client: Bowmer & Kirkland

Sector: Education

Value: £16m

A new build DfE Secondary School in Nottingham City, in partnership with Bowmer and Kirkland as part of our ongoing role on their Configure standard school solution to the DfE framework. The new school is designed in accordance with the new S21 DfE Output Specification (2022).

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Designed to comply with the 2022 DfE Output Specification, with the required carbon neutral status being a significant driver to all of the design team members. The team's holistic approach gives careful consideration to minimising the use of functional (unregulated) energy usage within the school as well as innovative regulated energy reduction techniques.


The new build school incorporates passive stack ventilation to teaching spaces using a series of vertical light wells through the centre of the superblock.


Excellent form factor and considered glazing to ensure the energy consumption is significantly lower than the DfE Energy Usage Intensity targets.


The brownfield site (former Peoples College) has been repurposed, and the new school services design overcomes significant acoustics constraints on the site.

“We have been working successfully with the Directors of Chord Consult for many years, going back to their previous employment. They have played a significant role in the continuing evolution of B&K’s industry leading school solutions”


James Vaux Anderson – Framework Delivery Director, Bowmer & Kirkland

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