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Leading Ladies Take Centre Stage in Chords Office Move

Nottingham-based mechanical and engineering (M&E) and low carbon consultancy firm, Chord Consult. has proudly announced the move of its Nottingham offices, combined with the promotion of three exceptional women; Rebecca Jackson, Zoe Fittock, and Angelina Stankovic. As well as celebrating their new office move, these promotions underscore Chord Consult's dedication to recognising talent and fostering professional growth regardless of gender.

Located in Bridlesmith House, on Bridlesmith Gate, one of the liveliest streets in the city, the new office is proving to be an exciting and vibrant space that reflects the company's energy and creativity. The move was advised by local firms, including Andrew Butcher & Associates, with Landsmiths Solicitors providing legal advice. FHP acted for the landlord at Bridlesmith House.

Ashley Cowdrey, Director of Chord Consult said: "We're really excited to be moving to our new location in a great new chapter for Chord Consult Limited. The past 15m has been so exciting and the momentum isn’t slowing yet! The company key drivers have been clear from the start: - we prioritise the care of our clients, and the care of our staff.

“We want to say a big thanks to the office fit out contractor – Interiora – who’ve done a great job in branding the new space and making it feel like home.”

Incorporated into the move, Rebecca Jackson has been promoted to Office Manager to reflect her unwavering dedication, unparalleled organizational skills, and a knack for building strong team dynamics.

Director Matt Wrate told us “Rebecca joined the team in August last year as ‘office administrator’ although we knew she could play a much wider role. As the business has continued to grow, her role has expanded dramatically. She’s risen to every challenge – whenever we encounter something spikey we throw it to Rebecca, who always finds a way to smooth it out.

“She managed the logistics of the office move seamlessly, and now runs the day to day operation of the office with great efficiency, as well as looking after us all, and keeping our feet on the ground. We wanted to formally recognize the vital role Rebecca plays in the business and we’d like to think that her promotion serves as a testament to the company's firm belief in nurturing internal talent.

Angelina Stankovic and Zoe Fittock, who joined in June ’22 and Sept ’22 respectively, have successfully completed their End Point Assessments training, marking the completion of their formal apprenticeships and a significant milestone in their professional journey. Angelina's and Zoe's technical dedication, resilience, and commitment to learning are emblematic of Chord Consult's core values.

Zoe said “It’s been a really exciting year. I’ve been working on a lot of school projects which have a huge focus on delivering net zero carbon, and learning more about sustainable design solutions has been fantastic for my professional growth.

“Celebrating Chord’s growth has been really good fun too, especially the office move. While we all still have the option to work from home, most of us choose to come into the office now. Putting up with Matt’s singing, all day long, is a small price to pay for the exciting new environment.”

Director Alex Jones told us “At Chord Consult, we will always value and celebrate the unique strengths that each individual brings to the team. The promotions of Rebecca, Angelina, and Zoe exemplify our unwavering commitment to fostering a harmonious culture where talent is nurtured, and gender equality is not just a statement, but a reality.

“Angelina is a great example of this – she was our second official member of the Chord Crew, coming to us towards the end of her apprenticeship. Ange is now providing the core deliverables on some major residential and office developments all over the UK. This experience makes her very valuable – not just to us but to the wider industry too. We need to recognise this if we are going to retain her talent within the business.

“Wherever Chord go from here, we need talented people like Rebecca, Zoe and Ange to continue to be part of our journey.”

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